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Some Reason You choose The Cloud HMS Software

  • Very easy to operate, you can register patient easily, make billing, give prescriptions and many other features you can easily handle.
  • We are available 24*7 online to support you.
  • 98% of our client have changed their old software with our Cloud HMS.
  • Note no one will give you our offered features in the cost which we quoted below.
  • We provide hospital software in Pune, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Delhi, all over cities in India and abroad.

No Any Hidden Cost Select Your Pricing Plan




then per year 5,000/-INR Above cost are in indian currency
  • OPD Registration
  • Follow up OPD Registration
  • OPD Prescription
  • Multi Language Prescription
  • OPD Payment
  • Certificates
  • Followup Reminder
  • Case Paper
  • Schedule Minor Operate
  • Letterhead Print
  • Referral Letter
  • Patients Past Visit Record
  • Analytical Reports
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Hospital Basic

Initially30,000/- INR


then per year 10,000/-INR Above cost are in indian currency
  • OPD
  • IPD
  • Reports
  • Cashless Mediclaim Billing (not Included)
  • NABH (not Included)
  • Consents & Stationary (not Included)
  • Inventory (not Included)
  • Accounts (not Included)
  • SMS (not Included)
  • 3 users (1 doctor, 1 reception, 1 billing)
  • 1gb cloud Space
  • Register upto 300 IPD per year
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Hospital Premium

Initially40,000/- INR

35,000/- INR

then per year 12,000/- INR Above cost are in indian currency
  • OPD
  • IPD
  • Reports
  • Cashless Mediclaim Billing (Included)
  • NABH (Included)
  • Consents & Stationary(Included)
  • Inventory (Included)
  • Accounts (Included)
  • SMS (not included)
  • Users (Unlimited)
  • Unlimited Space (Only text data not Images,Videos)
  • Register Unlimited IPD
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